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Full Service Interior Design

The full-service interior design package will manage your project from concept to completion.  We work closely with your construction team to ensure the design plan comes to life through curated finishes, fixture selections and craftsmanship details.  Whether you are building a new home or adding new life to your space through renovating, we have you covered!

Interior Decorating

The interior decorating package consists of an in-person consultation to whip any space into visual shape. We will discuss a preferred style, choose a color scheme, purchase furniture, and accessorize. You will be provided with a design package to include all the elements that will make the space yours.  Don’t want to do the purchasing?  No problem!  We can handle the process from consultation to install.


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Lindsey and Fern•ish Home took literally all of the stress out of designing my new space.  I went from having a somewhat suburban home to a much smaller space in a very urban setting.  I still wanted that farmhouse feel I had before, but still rugged and bachelor-esque... and they delivered.


Lindsey and the team stuck to the budget, ran some ideas past me, and before you knew it, I had exactly what I was looking for.  At one point I just felt like a “yes man” because I couldn’t find a single flaw in the designs they had in mind.  In fact, it turned out so well that everyone would tell me, “Your place looks straight out of a magazine.” I’ll admit, I was skeptical about one or two pieces but I went with my gut, followed their lead, and thank God I did!  And I absolutely lie to everyone and tell them I picked everything out myself, but truthfully I had nothing to do with it!


What I would say about Fern•ish Home in a few words is, give them your budget and an idea of your style, then stay the out of their way!

- Ryan Gibbons     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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